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Introductory Post

Hello there! Finally I have gathered the courage to write my first post. I’m Yolanda Mplatyi, the founder and author of Painted on Canvas. I took some time to think about what topics I want to focus on with my blog and it was hard I won’t lie but I was able to come up with something . For the longest time I’ve been the type of person who wants to try out things with someone and never on my own. The thought of actually going out in public places (besides running errands) by myself is quite scary . Moving to a new city made me realize that I should challenge myself and face my fears. I’ll be trying out a bunch of activities that I find interesting alone. Hopefully through this experience that I’m sharing with you, I will learn more about myself. My blog will be focusing on lifestyle, fashion, self love, and everything about me. Rather than experiencing this alone I think it is quite nice to share it with other people through blogging. I think that there are people out there who will relate to me.

Join me as I unlock a different world and explore my interests. Hope you’ll enjoy my content, Bye!!


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